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These Are the Best Cities to Ditch Your Car

Live in a city with public transit and thinking about ditching your wheels to save some cash? The American Public Transit Association’s (APTA) latest savings report might convince you to take the plunge.

Mental Floss • March 24, 2016

The Best Cities for Public Transportation

Drivers in the 15 largest U.S. metro areas spend an average of 63 hours per year stuck in congestion on the way to work, costing an average of $1,433 per person.

SmartAsset • February 24, 2016

Obama to propose $10-a-barrel oil tax

President Barack Obama is about to unveil an ambitious plan for a “21st century clean transportation system.” And he hopes to fund it with a tax on oil.

Politico • February 04, 2016

Obama’s Smart Transit Plan Hinges on Oil Tax

This week, the Obama administration is expected to release a budget plan that would put more than $300 billion over the next decade into carbon-reducing transportation technology.

Fortune • February 08, 2016

Obama proposes $320B for 'clean transportation'

President Obama proposes spending $320 billion over the next ten years on a "clean transportation" plan in his final budget released on Tuesday.

The Hill • February 09, 2016

Lynch says gas tax could help transportation woes

U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch suggested a gas tax hike could help close the deficit for the state’s troubled public transit system.

Boston Herald • December 22, 2015

Highlights of H.R. 22: Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act

On December 1, a conference committee unveiled the FAST Act, which would authorize approximately $305 billion for highway, transit, rail and safety spending for the next five years, until September 30, 2020.

JD Supra Business Advisor • December 07, 2015

State officials feeling good about highway plans

Passage of a five-year, $305 billion federal transportation bill will mean more money for Illinois and the ability to do more long-range planning, according to state and local officials.

Herald & Review • December 06, 2015

Congress Passes FAST ACT to Improve Transportation

“This bill is a benefit to the citizens of Arkansas and our state’s economy”

Ledger Gazette • December 07, 2015


President Obama signed into law the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act or FAST Act, a $305 billion transportation bill that will provide the state of Florida with $890 million more than it would have gotten under current funding formulas

Florida Politics • December 07, 2015

Senate approves highway bill that revives EXIM bank; Obama to sign Friday

The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly approved a five-year highway bill on Thursday that would fund America's roads, bridges and mass-transit systems.

Reuters • December 03, 2015

Obama signs $305B highway bill

President Obama signed into a law a five-year, $305 billion highway bill on Friday, with just hours to spare before the scheduled expiration of the nation's road and transit spending.

The Hill • December 04, 2015

Obama signs 5-year infrastructure spending bill

A 5-year, $305-billion bill to address the nation’s aging and congested transportation systems was signed into law Friday by President Barack Obama.

Washington Post • December 04, 2015

Negotiators strike deal on five-year highway bill

Lawmakers in the House and Senate have reached an agreement on a compromise highway bill that would extend federal transportation funding for five years as Congress scrambles to prevent a lapse in highway funding this week.

The Hill • December 01, 2015

Highway Bill Compromise Announced by U.S. Congress Negotiators

Negotiators from both chambers of Congress reached agreement Tuesday on a five-year U.S. highway plan, although several House members said they weren’t happy with some of its funding mechanisms, including provisions to take money from banks.

Bloomberg • December 01, 2015

Congress reaches deal on 5-year highway bill

The agreement sets the stage for the bill to move through the House and Senate as soon as this week.

Politico • December 01, 2015

House comes up with 6-year, $325 billion transportation bill, with a catch

The House on Friday proposed to spend $325 billion on transportation over the next six years, launching a plan that made practical sense but came with an enormous caveat.

Washington Post • October 16, 2015

No Free Riding

Congress still hasn't figured out how to pay for its latest transportation funding bill

US News & World Report • October 22, 2015

House panel approves $325B highway bill

The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on Thursday approved a bipartisan bill to spend up to $325 billion on transportation projects over the next six years.

The Hill • October 22, 2015

Secretary Foxx: Congress ‘Can Achieve a Bipartisan Bill’

With about a week to go before a House transportation panel takes up a multiyear highway bill, the country’s top transportation officer said the timing is right for both chambers of Congress to finally approve such legislation.

Transport Topics • September 09, 2015

Governors Push for Long-Term Highway Bill

The Coalition of Northeastern Governors, a non-partisan association is urging transportation leaders on Capitol Hill “to act quickly to ensure continuity and stability of the nation's highway, transit, rail and safety programs and the Highway Trust Fund.”

TruckingInfo • September 03, 2015

Feds: Highway funding will last until June 2016

The Department of Transportation has updated its Highway Trust Fund ticker to say that the federal government is now projected to run out of money for infrastructure projects in June 2016, six months later than previously expected.

The Hill • September 08, 2015

McConnell sells Senate highway bill in Kentucky

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is pushing for his long-term highway funding bill during the Congressional recess, even though it was ignored by the House.

The Hill • August 14, 2015

Transit Gains Funds in Revised Senate Transportation Bill

The Senate’s six-year $350-billion transportation bill continues to change, as lawmakers shifted more funds to transit at the expense of highway programs and dropped some proposed revenue-raising mechanisms.

Engineering News-Record • July 27, 2015

House, Senate move toward passage of short-term transportation bill

The House and Senate are moving toward passage of a three-month patch to keep federal highway and transit aid flowing to states while lawmakers seek the right mix of policy and revenue to achieve a long-term transportation deal.

AP • July 29, 2015

What's in the 6-Year Senate Transportation Bill

The Senate is moving toward the likely passage this week of a sweeping, six-year transportation bill, but the House is putting off consideration of the measure until this fall.

AP • July 28, 2015

Senators reach deal on six-year highway bill

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) have reached a deal on a six-year highway funding bill.

The Hill • July 21, 2015

GATW Sends Letter to Congressional Leadership

The Getting America to Work coalition is sending a letter this morning urging House and Senate leaders to pass a long-term transportation funding bill.

Politico Morning Transportsation • July 13, 2015

Motorists' Efficiency Might Drive Taxes Up

The problem Congress faces in paying for new highways and other transportation projects is that the Highway Trust Fund, which for decades has financed road and transit spending, is running out of revenue.

Roll Call • May 20, 2015

Senate approves short-term highway bill, sending it to Obama

The Senate passed a two-month extension of highway funding, staving off an abrupt halt in infrastructure projects and pushing back a likely protracted debate over how to finance road construction in the long-term.

The Hill • May 23, 2015

Bill would hike gas tax to pay for roads

A bipartisan group of House members has filed legislation to hike the federal gas tax and index it to inflation to pay for a new transportation bill.

The Hill • April 16, 2015

Eyes on the Street: Metro’s Stand Up 4 Transportation Rally

Transit riders have a lot to lose if partisan battles in Washington do not find their way to reauthorizing a federal transportation bill.

LA Streets Blog • April 09, 2015

Getting America To Work Members Mark Stand Up for Transportation Day

On Thursday, April 9, transit agencies across the United States will host events marking Stand Up for Transportation Day

Getting America To Work • April 09, 2015

Lawmakers urge Congress to 'man up' on transportation funding

Illinois’ federal lawmakers stood united with area transit leaders Thursday in urging Congress to “man up” and pass a long-term federal transportation funding bill before two key transit measures expire or teeter on insolvency.

Chicago Sun Times • April 09, 2015

White House sends Congress $478 billion, 6-year transportation bil

The Obama administration sent Congress a $478 billion bill that would provide the federal share of transportation funding for the next six years, the first legislation out of the gate in a year that is likely to produce a competition among three bills.

Washington Post • March 30, 2015

Taxes or tolls? Five fixes for highway funding

Members of both parties say they want to see transportation funding extended with little drama, but they have yet to reach a consensus about how to do that, creating the potential for a standoff as the deadline approaches.

The Hill • March 16, 2015

Mayors press Congress to pass highway bill

The U.S. Conference of Mayors is urging Congress to pass legislation to prevent a shutdown in transportation funding this summer.

The Hill • March 23, 2015

Going Beyond the Gas Tax: How to Pay for the Highway Trust Fund?

The fund covers repairs for roads, bridges and mass transit. But it's running out of money -- and there's no long-term plan in sight.

U.S. News • March 09, 2015

DOT chief to Congress: Make highway bill 'count'

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx pushed Congress to approve a long-term infrastructure bill just a couple of blocks away from their doorstep.

The Hill • February 20, 2015

DOT chief pushes highway bill at bus tour stops

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx used a bus tour to push the Obama administration’s $478 billion transportation bill proposal.

The Hill • February 18, 2015

Rep. Blumenauer Introduces Highway Funding Bill

Getting America To Work applauds Congressman Blumenauer for continuing his efforts to ensure America’s transportation and infrastructure needs are funded for years to come.

Press Release • February 05, 2015

Obama, Congress agree on infrastructure need, if not fix

President Barack Obama and the Republican-controlled Congress agree they need to fix the country’s infrastructure funding problem before the money runs out on May 31. But so far, they’ve found little agreement on how to get there.

McClatchy DC • January 20, 2015

Poll: Spending on Infrastructure Is a Top Priority for Americans

Democrats and Republicans are at an impasse on infrastructure funding, but a majority of Americans support new spending on such investment.

The Atlantic City Lab • January 21, 2015

Momentum builds in Congress for raising the federal gas tax

Record-low gas prices across the U.S. have given rise to fresh talk in Washington of raising the federal gas tax for the first time in over 20 years, with leading Republicans now saying a hike must not be ruled out.

The Hill • January 09, 2015

Why cities need public transport to be competitive

It’s easy to take it for granted, as we go about our daily lives. But public transport is one of the key ingredients in making our cities both environmentally sustainable and economically competitive.

City Metric • December 17, 2014

AASHTO/APTA report: U.S. needs $163 billion annually to fix aging transportation infrastructure

A report released by two national transportation associations yesterday estimated that $163 billion is needed each year over a six-year period to fix the nation's aging surface transportation system.

Progressive Railroading • December 09, 2014

Public Transportation Important for Employment

A new study has found that many people in the greater New Haven area depend on public transportation as their only way to get around, which means they must take jobs located along bus lines.

NBC Connecticut • November 24, 2014

5 Things Congress Should Do by Year's End: Our View

With the next election two years off and more than 60 departing lawmakers not having to face voters again, this is the perfect time to increase the tax from the current 18.4-cents-a-gallon to an inflation-adjusted 30.3 cents.

USA Today • November 17, 2014

Congress Would Rather You Drive to Work Than Take Public Transit

Commuter tax benefits favor drivers over people using public transit but that could change in the Lame Duck session.

Washington Post • November 17, 2014

Mass Transit Advocates Seek Tax Break Parity

Unless Congress takes action in the lame-duck session, commuters who use mass transit and van pools will continue to get a smaller tax break than the one available to drivers who get a tax break for employer-provided parking.

Roll Call • November 12, 2014

For Low-Wage Workers, Public Transit Isn’t a Lifestyle Choice; It’s a Lifeline

In low- and middle-skill industries, only about 25 percent of jobs are accessible via public transportation even within 90 minutes — and that’s each way.

Tampa Bay Tribune • October 19, 2014

Congress Should Fix the Gas Tax

Even in this age of partisanship, prominent members of both parties agree that they should be able to work out a better system. It’s about time that happened.

Washington Post • October 03, 2014

How Denver Leaders Pulled Off a Public Transit Miracle

Voters agreed to tax themselves for a commuter rail network. Then a budget shortfall almost doomed the whole project. Now it's on track to completion.

National Journal • October 01, 2014

It’s Time to Build Roads to Prosperity, Literally, IMF Says

Especially for advanced economies, infrastructure investment “is one of the few remaining policy levers available to support growth, given already accommodative monetary policy..."

Wall Street Journal • September 30, 2014

Transit Advocates Won’t be Caught Napping as Highway Bill Advances

Public transit advocates were blindsided when House Republicans introduced a five-year highway bill two years ago that proposed eliminating the Highway Trust Fund’s transit account.

CQ Roll Call • April 07, 2014

Tax benefits for mass transit commuters set to drop

To the many items that Congress neglected to address before wrapping up its year, add another: tax benefits for millions of Americans who rely on mass transit for their commutes.

The Washington Post • December 26, 2013

Editorial: Tax policy shouldn't favor cars over transit

Good news for people who drive to work: The tax break you can claim for parking costs will go up in January. Bad news for people who ride the buses and trains: Your tax break will go down. A lot.

Chicago Tribune • December 20, 2013

Coalition Urges Chairman Shuster to Support Increased Investment In Transit Infrastructure

Transit agencies from across the country sent a letter to Chairman Shuster and the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, urging them to support increased investment in transit.

Getting America To Work • December 12, 2013

Unequal Tax Benefits Punish Public Transit Riders

With cuts to tax benefits for transit commuters set to be triggered at the end of the year, it is essential that Congress act to ensure that transit riders benefit from the same tax incentives available to commuters who drive to work.

Roll Call • December 11, 2013

Ready to ride: America THINKS transit

Millions of Americans favor public transit over driving in latest infrastructure survey from HNTB Corporation; convenience may drive further adoption

HNTB • November 05, 2013

Survey: Investing in Mass Transit Key to Economic Growth and Job Creation

Announced today, the survey findings illustrate a growing awareness among residents that investments in mass transit are key to economic growth and job creation.

Rockefeller Foundation • August 24, 2013

Congress must increase transit funding and help get America to work

Without Congressional action, the federal tax benefit that helps transit riders defray the cost of commuting will drop from $245 to $125 per month at the end of this year.

The Hill • August 02, 2013

Polling the Gas Tax

For the fourth year in a row, the Mineta Transportation Institute has polled the public on ways to fund transportation infrastructure — with some interesting findings.

Mineta Transportation Institute • June 25, 2013

Is Your Rep a Member of the New Public Transportation Caucus Yet?

DC Streets Blog • May 31, 2013

Lipinski partners on transportation caucus

Associated Press • May 27, 2013

Lawmakers form public transit caucus

A bipartisan pair of lawmakers in the House announced on Thursday that they were forming a caucus for public transportation supporters.

The Hill • May 23, 2013

Lipinski, N.Y. colleague form congressional transit caucus

A Chicago congressman is one of two founders of a new group designed to help public-transit agencies squeeze money out of Washington.

Crain's Chicago Business • May 23, 2013

Transit saved 865 million hours of traffic congestion in 2011, TTI report says

Public transportation helped reduce traffic congestion by saving 865 million hours of travel on the nation's highways, according to the Texas Transportation Institute's (TTI) 2012 Urban Mobility Report.

Progressive Railroading • February 06, 2013

Fiscal Cliff Deal Restores Commuter Tax Break For 2012 And 2013

There’s good news for train, subway and van pool riders hidden in the 157-page fiscal cliff deal—an extension of pre-tax benefits for transit commuters on par with parking benefits.

Forbes • January 02, 2013

Study: Squeeze on spending could lead to mass-transit meltdown

If you are a CTA or Metra rider who is miffed about paying more to ride buses and trains next year, those higher fares represent only one relatively minor worry for Chicago-area transit customers, according to a new study by DePaul University.

Chicago Tribune • December 10, 2012

Transit to Jobs Equals Economy

"Trying to market a city without transit is like trying to sell a cell phone without a camera." That was one of the take-home messages from a speaker at an urban planning conference earlier this year, according to my friend who was there."

National Journal • December 10, 2012

Public transit advocates tout ridership growth to warn against budget cuts

The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) said Monday that ridership on public transit systems across the country has been increasing for nearly two years and urged lawmakers not to cut funds in a deficit deal.

The Hill • December 10, 2012

Use of Public Transportation Jumps

More Americans are taking public buses and trains, a report finds. L.A. County Metro's ridership rose 1.7% in the first part of the year, and the Riverside Transit Agency's has surged 27% since 2002.

Los Angeles Times • December 10, 2012

Missing from presidential race: roads, bridges

Here are a few items that largely have been missing from the presidential campaign: planes, trains, roads and bridges. But as Superstorm Sandy reminded the world so vividly, we can’t afford to do without them...

Associated press • November 05, 2012

Sandy prompts second look at city transportation systems

Hurricane Sandy exposed decades of neglect of transit systems, and some transit advocates think the storm's impact has the potential to dramatically reshape how and where people live and how they get to work...

Portland Press Herald • November 04, 2012

Chicago-area sees 3.2 percent increase in use of public transit

Chicago-area transportation officials say there was a 3.2 percent increase in public transit use....

Associated Press • November 03, 2012

Public transportation users save $9,934 annually

Individuals who ride public transportation instead of driving can save, on average, $828 this month, and $9,934 annually...

Metro Magazine • October 25, 2012

Murray: Public Transit Professionals Must ‘Speak with One Voice’

Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA) called on public transportation professionals to “speak with one voice on the role of public transit in rebuilding the U.S. economy” when she addressed the Oct. 1 Opening General Session of the 2012 APTA Annual Meeting in Seattle.

Passenger Transport • October 05, 2012

Chicago Sun-Times - Metra towns fare better in sales, prices

Communities served by METRA commuter trains have seen home sales bounce back faster than the Chicago suburban area as a whole, according to the fourth annual METRA Community Study by the RE/MAX Northern Illinois real estate network...

Chicago Sun-Times • October 01, 2012

Chicago Sun-Times - Editorial: Get on board, Congress, for sake of commuters

There’s no easier win for Congress than quick passage of a bill that invests in the nation’s roads, bridges and public transit. And the moment to go for it is now. The entire Illinois congressional delegation should get on board...

April 29, 2012

Chicago Tribune - Officials: Congressional delays in transportation bill would be costly

The Chicago region's public transit system would lose $1.2 million a day in federal gas tax revenue — the equivalent of two new buses — if Congress fails to prevent the Saturday expiration of the nation's transportation spending legislation...

March 26, 2012

Crain's Chicago Business - Op-Ed: Why funding mass transit is important to our economic growth

Amid the election-year din, one issue remains paramount to most Illinoisans: the slow pace of economic recovery and job growth. Spurring economic growth and creating jobs are defining challenges for our region and our state.

March 26, 2012

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